Professional web development

Archytas is founded in 2004 by Roderik Emmerink and Marinus van Heuvelen. The company started with automation in the broadest sense inspired by the Greek mathematician Archytas of Tarentum.

Currently our focus shifted to web and app development. Inspired by the newest technologies, creating new, inspiring and robust web application became our passion.

Get in touch with Archytas

Do you know what we can mean for your business, get in touch! Call: +31 (0)6 14157509.

Front-end en back-end development

Afhankelijk van uw wensen kan er zowel frontend (HTML, CSS, SCSS, javascript) en backend (PHP, MySQL) toegepast worden voor uw project.

What is the rate of a freelance php developer?

Prices vary depending on the proficiency of the developer. A PHP developer on average charges in between 55 en 145 euros per hour depending on skills and expertise.

In need of extra development capacity?

Are you facing a deadline or are there some development tasks that keep being postponed? By hiring a freelance PHP programmer you can eliminate your overdue work. Experienced PHP programmers can quickly become part of a scrum team. In a complex code base, there may be some soaking time for the freelance php developer before getting up to speed.

Shaping a new project

A freelance php programmer or architect can set up a new project for you. In addition to building the foundation of the project within a PHP framework, eg. Laravel, the freelance php dev can also do versioning and use project tools such as issue trackers or online scrum boards so that your team can later take over the development of the new platform.